Don’t Ignore These Threats to Your Home

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make–so it’s important to make sure that it remains a high-value investment! Keeping your property value high is one way to protect your investment and ensure that, when you decide to sell your home down the road, you’ll make the maximum profit.

But to keep your property protected, you have to stay vigilant about home maintenance. There are several issues that pop up with homes that are huge threats to your investment. Let’s go through the most major ones that you need to keep an eye on as a homeowner.

Systems: Your home’s electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are complex systems that make modern living possible. Because your home’s systems are so critical, things that start as small issues can snowball and become emergencies very quickly. Some things to watch out for are old HVAC systems that could break down in the middle of a heat wave, frayed electrical wires that could start fires, and leaky plumbing that could lead to water damage and mold.

Decay and Pests: These two things are common with older homes, but new homes aren’t exempt from damage caused by termites, crumbling foundations, decaying wood, or cracked driveways. Because decay and pest damage can affect critical structures like your foundation or require costly repairs like a cracked driveway, it’s necessary to repair it as soon as you notice the damage.

Roofing and Gutters: Your roof and gutters protect the rest of your home from the elements. But if your home has damaged gutters that don’t direct water properly or missing roof shingles, you are likely to end up with flooding, roof leaks, water damage, and mold. These issues can require serious remediation, so don’t let problems with your roof or gutters slide!

If you notice any issues with your home’s systems, roof or gutters, or any decay or pest damage, get them taken care of ASAP before they turn into a huge headache! It’s smart to conduct a walkthrough of your home on a monthly basis to check your HVAC, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and roof for damage. This will help you protect your home and your investment! 

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